The Best Bow Stabilizer For Hunting: (Top Picks of 2023- Reviewed)

Overview: In this article we have selected and tested the best bow stabilizers available on amazon and have thoroughly reviewed them.

If bow hunting is your thing, then you would know the significance of stabilized aim in making the shot count.

I mean, what could be more frustrating than missing the shot or spooking the prey after hours of patience?

Would you like to have such an experience?

I certainly don’t think so…

Fortunately, this isn’t incurable, and you definitely improve bow stabilization and make your shot count by installing bow stabilizer for hunting.


Well, bow stabilizers act as a counterbalance to the drag by lowering the wobble intensity as you aim. Moreover, bow stabilizer also minimizes the vibration, to help you shoot straight.

That’s just the beginning…

There are specific bow stabilizers that also help in keeping your shot low-profile by eliminating the noise produced from vibrations.

If you don’t know how to find the perfect bow stabilizer?

Well, guess you’re in luck today because below I have come up with some of the best bow stabilizers available in the market.

Let’s first briefly discuss important bow stabilizer considerations, so you can make a well-informed choice.

But before getting into details if you want to go for the best BOW STABILIZERS we have selected for you then here they are:

Our Pick For The Best Bow Stabilizers.




​Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme

by Bee Stinger

  • Size: 6 – 8 inches
  • Material: Carbon fiber shaft
  • Weight: adjustable stabilizer with three 1 oz discs

Our #1 Rated

5 out of 5

In The Bow Stabilizers Category

​​NAP Apache Stabilizer System

by New Archery Products

  • Size: 5 – 8 inches
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 5.5 - 7.5 oz

Our #2 Rated

5 out of 5

In The Bow Stabilizers Category

​Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

by Trophy Ridge

  • Size: 6”
  • Material: Ballistix composite material
  • Weight: 6-7 ounces

Our #3 Rated

4.8 out of 5

In The Bow Stabilizers Category

​SAS Archery Static Stabilizer

by Southland Archery Supply

  • Sizes: 5″, 8”, 11″
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 5.3, 6.5, 10 oz

Our #4 Rated

4.8 out of 5

In The Bow Stabilizers Category

​Limbsaver S-Coil Stabilizer

by LimbSaver

  • Size: 4.5”
  • Material: special NAVCOM® material
  • Weight: 4.7 ounces

Our #5 Rated

4.5 out of 5

In The Bow Stabilizers Category

​Limbsaver WindJammer

by LimbSaver

  • Size: 7”
  • Material: aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Weight: 13 ounces

Our #6 Rated

4.3 out of 5

In The Bow Stabilizers Category

​TruGlo Carbon XS


  • Size: 7″, 9″”
  • Material: Carbon Composite
  • Weight: 4 ounces

Our #7 Rated

4 out of 5

In The Bow Stabilizers Category

Features To Consider When Buying Bow Stabilizers.

Just like with all other hunting gears, you need to understand the technicalities involved in choosing the best-suited bow stabilizers.

This will include the type of hunting you are looking for, as well as the weight and dampening effect you would require.

Nonetheless, let’s see some of these considerations briefly.

i, Stabilizing vs Silencing

As mentioned above, today we have bow stabilizers that don’t just perform as a weight stabilizer, but also for silencing task. Most bow stabilizers are constructed using special material including carbon fiber, aluminum or rubber, to enhance its utility.

The ultimate influence of bow stabilizer on the steadiness of the bow and accuracy of shot will depend on its length and weight. To give you a quick example, extra-long stabilizers are the primary choice for most competitive archers.

Now, while bow hunting doesn’t involve the complexity of competitive archery, nonetheless, stabilizers needed to be placed at the front to balance out the weight of draw and nullify the wind effects for the shot.

Lastly, the dampening materials used in the stabilizers help to cancel-out the vibrations to give you a low-profile shot.

ii, Size matters.

Yes, size does matter, well at least when talking about bow stabilizers.

A larger (8 to 10 inch) and heavyweight (8 to 9 ounces) stabilizers will certainly give you much-improved shot stabilization and accuracy.

Simple, right?

Well, I wish this would have been this simple.

In reality, going with such log stabilizer means you got to deal with material sticking out of the bow, this isn’t comfortable at all especially when you are sticking to a tree stand or blind. Such stabilizers are ideally suited for open terrain hunting; think of Western North American hunting.

Contrarily, while going with short (3 to 4 inches) stabilizers is certainly more comfortable for tree stand or bling hunting, such small stabilizers aren’t as effective as long stabilizers and are only good for dampening effects.

Personally, I love working around with medium-length (5 to 8 inches) stabilizers. These are good enough to help enhance the accuracy and straightness of the shot as well as not too cumbersome to handle.

Now, if you ask me for a recommendation, I would suggest that will depend upon your hunting type as well as proficiency.

For beginners, I believe small stabilizers are most suited, while for amateurs’ medium length stabilizers are more aptly suited.

iii, Customization.

Having control on your gears is nothing short of a blessing and I guess adjustable stabilizer is definitely a blessing for hunters.

I personally love adjustable stabilizers that give me customization option to add or remove weights as per the conditions.

That’s one reason why we have added some customizable stabilizers in our list, so as to offer archers an added level of comfort.

iv, Offset Bow Stabilizers.

This is yet again an important consideration that helps you to compensate for the center-line balance against reset, quiver or other bow-mounted accessories.

The trade-off for offset bow stabilizers is the price, which is significantly higher than standard stabilizers.

Thereby, we don’t recommend going with these stabilizers, until you are a professional archer or pro-hunter.

On the contrary, check out if your standard stabilizer comes with offset mounting hole, which can compensate for the offset stabilizer.

Best Hunting Arrows Reviewed.

Ok, now that we are done with some of the technicalities in bow selection. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best bow stabilizers available in the market.

We have carefully selected each of these stabilizers to suit all levels of hunters (beginner, amateur, and pro).

Some of the stabilizers mentioned below come in different size and weights, so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

1. Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme.

Ok, Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme is certainly one killer bow-stabilizer that is known for it’s powerpack features and high-built quality. Perhaps more than anything, I feel it’s the intelligence and careful approach that goes behind its manufacturing and design that makes it a formidable forerunner for the best bow-stabilizers available in market.

Best Features:

1, Dampening Technology.

On the outside it might look a modest gear, however, it packs one of the best innovative dampening technologies. The carbon fiber shaft of the stabilizer comprises dual dampening technology; Sims harmonic dampener inserts as well as rubber dampener.

Together, these two amazing dampening technologies significantly lower the vibrations from the draw from the limbs to the riser.

2, ​Adjustable weight.

Yet another great feature of Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme is the customized weight adjustment option. The stabilizer comes with three 1 oz. discs, which can be added or removed to get the ideal weight.

Some Other Features:

  • Durable construction
  • Innovative design
  • Small diameter weights
  • Multiple size variants (6’’ and 8’’)


  •  Adjustable weights
  • Medium length
  •  Improved dampening technology


  • Expensive


Overall Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme is one of the best bow stabilizer available in the market. The stabilizer packs all great features from durable carbon fiber construction to dual dampener technology.

Perhaps, the only draw-back of the stabilizer is a high price, which is understandable for the features on offer. Therefore, we rate this model a 5 out of 5.

2. NAP Apache Stabilizer System.

Ok, so we got this yet another amazing bow-stabilizer packed with features and high-quality construction material. The NAP Apache Stabilizer System is built to deliver maximum utility and efficiency to archers with its adjustable length and effective dampening technology.

If that’s not all, the competitive pricing will surely spice up your interest level for this amazing bow-stabilizer.

Best Features:

1, The extension tube.

Ok, this amazing feature is available only for 8’’ stabilizer version. The extension tube comes as an adjustable carbon fiber shaft with screw fitting. And that’s one reason why we believe 8’’ NAP Apache is better recommended than 5’’ version for value for money.

2, competitive pricing.

Apart from the features, what I specifically loved about this stabilizer is its looks that are truly amazing and fit well with most bows, especially with a camo pattern. Couple this with competitive pricing, this certainly is one stabilizer to vouch for.

Some Other Features:

  •  Dampening disc for noise-suppression
  • Adjustable length
  • Value for money


  •  Adjustable length
  • Dampening technology
  • Affordable


  • Single dampening technology
  •  Not extendable beyond extension tube
  • The 5" stabilizer might be overshadowed by the adjustable length of 8" adjustable stabilizer


Well, if you are looking for a decently designed stabilizer at affordable pricing, the Apache certainly gives you fully worth of your money.

However, we do recommend to go with the adjustable 8’’ version, because the 5’’ doesn’t stand its worth when you can adjust the length as per your comfort zone with the 8’ version.

We rate this model 5 out of 5.

3. Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer.

Well, if you haven’t checked this amazingly designed stabilizer earlier, you probably should. The Trophy ridge static stabilizer definitely gets the lead when it comes to an aesthetic and creative skeleton design, which you won’t find in many other stabilizers in the market.

Well, that’s certainly not all as the build quality is also second to none and with ballistix composite material used in manufacturing, you can definitely count of this stabilizer for a long time.

Best Features:

1, Innovative Frame.

Well, you won’t find many stabilizers in the market with skeleton-like frames instead of standard tube and stud skeletons.

Nonetheless, apart from going with an innovative frame structure, it also used high-quality Ballistix composite material that makes it highly durable and lighter than aluminum.

2, Adjustable Weight

Static Stabilizer comes with two adjustable discs each weighing 1 oz. The discs are easy to add or remove and attached to the lone dampener on offer here.

Some Other Features:

  • Two length variants
  • Unique design
  • Efficient in eliminating wind effects


  • Great build quality
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Adjustable weights


  • Single dampener


Perhaps more than anything I will give in to Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer to come up with a truly unique and innovative design that not only stands out among the most but is actually effective.

I have personally reviewed it from users, and they all have come up with the praise for its effectiveness. 

So, if you are looking to buy a stabilizer, check out this cool stabilizer from Trophy Ridge.We rate this model 4.8 out of 5.

4. SAS Archery Static Stabilizer.

As you can take by name, the SAS Archery static stabilizer is a professionally designed stabilizer that packs some great features with great built quality.

While, there’s nothing fancy about SAS archery static stabilizer in terms of looks, the aluminum manufactured stabilizer certainly packs all professionally needed features to get the job done.

Best Features:

1, Practical

If you are looking for a truly professional stabilizer that gets the job done, this should be on your radar.

It’s a highly mechanized stabilizer that comes with aluminum construction. The intricate machining that comes on the outer side of the body effectively eliminate the winds pushing around the bow.

2, Dampening system.

The SAS Archery Static Stabilizer comes with internal dampening system integrated within the core of the frame. This is perhaps one of the best dampening systems you’ll get in stabilizers and will literally cut down the buzzing vibrations into one solid “Thump”.

Some Other Features:

  • Mechanized frame with intricate lining on the outer body
  •  Great to balance for compound bows
  • Effective dampening system


  • Aluminum body
  • Internal dampening core


  • 5’’ version wasn’t needed anyways
  • Not adjustable


SAS Archery Static Stabilizer is a strictly professional bow stabilizer that comes with some amazing feats. The aluminum construction gives it high durability.

The intricate machining at the outer of the frame makes it an effective design to nullify the effects of gushing winds. Overall, it’s a definite worth of money stabilizer.

Hence, we rate this model a 4.8 out of 5.

5. Limbsaver S-Coil Stabilizer.

Well, this certainly is an interesting candidate as the best bow-stabilizers in the market.

What stuck me most about this stabilizer is its unique geometry, which reflects the engineering and wisdom that goes behind its design and manufacturing.

The stabilizer comes light on pocket and is pretty effective to suppress the vibrations and sounds.

Best Features:

1, Value for money.

Perhaps the best part about Limbsaver S-Coil Stabilizer is its small price tag, which essentially makes it the best cheap bow stabilizer available in the market.

2, Innovative Geometry.

What makes it truly effective is its unique geometry that simply knocks down the vibration and sound. The S-shaped coil gives it a larger surface area, which translates into better dampening effect.

Some Other Features:

  • Superior balance
  •  Lightweight package
  • High-quality energy-absorbing material


  • Great price
  • Effective in suppressing vibrations and sounds
  • Reduced bow jump


  • Might not perform well on all bows
  • Relatively small size


To sum up, this is one great stabilizer that comes packaged in small size and lightweight.

Keeping in view it’s highly competitive price, innovative design geometry and high-quality material definitely makes it a competitive stabilizer amongst the rest.

Thus, we rate this model 4.5 out of 5.

6. Limbsaver WindJammer.

Ok, so if you aren’t interested in aesthetics and unique geometry, rather prefer going with something impeccably professional, the limbsaver Windjammer will certainly get you interested.

Manufactured using aircraft-grade aluminum, this is a heavyweight stabilizer intelligently designed for easy handling for the perfect shot.

I personally love their trademark NAVCOM elastomers that gives exceptional dampening effect to the stabilizer.

Best Features:

1, Heavyweight stabilizer in a friendly size.

The most amazing aspect for the WindJammer is its heavyweight that comes up with a friendly size of 7’’.

If you hold it for the first time, you will feel it’s weight two to three times the weight of similar size stabilizers, which effectively makes it an ideal choice to deliver straight aim against stiff cross-winds.

2, Threaded inserts .

While the WindJammer doesn’t come with adjustable weights, it makes it up mostly with a threaded insert which can be sued to add counterbalances or for an added vibration dampening effectiveness.

Some Other Features:

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Exclusive NAVCOM elastomers for the exceptional dampening effect.


  • Highest quality construction material
  • Heavyweight
  • Effective for stabilizing shot against gushing winds


  •  Limited supplies
  • Not adjustable


The WindJammer is a heavyweight bow stabilizer that comes in with the ideal size of 7’’.

The additional weight of the stabilizer can help effectively eliminate all gushing wind effects while giving you a steady and accurate shot. The NAVCOM elastomer material definitely makes it highly viable for noise-suppression.

​We rate this model a 4.3 out of 5.

7. TruGlo Carbon XS.

Last but not least, we got the TruGlo Carbon XS bow-stabilizer that’s certainly an interesting entrée with carbon composite manufacturing and an impressive dampening feature.

It may not be as formidable as some of the other stabilizers in the list, nonetheless, it’s an effective stabilizers that justifies its price.

Best Features:

1, Medium Sized Stabilizer.

If you are looking for a medium-sized stabilizer that delivers the balancing punch effectively, the Carbon XS is definitely a worthy choice. The stabilizer comes in two sizes i-e 7 and 9 inches, so you can choose as per your preference.

2, Rubber Dampening system.

The Carbon XS bow stabilizer comes with effective rubber dampening fins that are intelligently molded down to fit in the shaft’s length.

Some Other Features:

  • Effective weight to size ratio.
  • Non-obtrusive stabilizer.


  • Great looks
  • Great balance
  • Medium-sized


  • Non-adjustable
  • Weight is epoxied, may fall-off


Carbon XS is an effective stabilizer that comes with decent features and cost-effective price. It’s an excellent stabilizer especially for hunters who don’t like to hang long (11’’) accessories off their bow.

The only downside of Carbon XS is the fact that the weight is epoxied at the front-end which may fall-off. So, we rate this model a 4.2 out of 5.

Well, seems like we have reached the end of the post. I have tried to come up with an effective list of the best bow-hunting stabilizers for all level of hunters, keeping in view their unique needs, requirements as well as budget limitation. I hope you will be able to find one for yourself and enhance your hunting experience.

Thanks for staying till here, for further reviews and any questions regarding hunting gear please comment below,


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