The Best Fly Line: Top 10 Compared, Tested & Reviewed in 2019.

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Overview: Choosing the best fly line is very critical for the success of your fishing trip. In this article we have selected, tested and reviewed 10 best fly lines available online. Moreover, we have also shed some light on critical factors you need to know before buying.

Think of it this way,

If the fly rod is the lead singer and fly reel is the guitarist, that makes the fly line the drummer.


No band can function without a proper drummer.

This is the case for your fly-fishing outfit. Without a high-quality fly line, it’s very unlikely that you will have a successful fishing trip.

By purchasing an efficient fly line, you will be provided with the necessary weight to cast a weightless fly and it will be a great help when dealing with the technical aspects of fly fishing.

Unfortunately buying fly lines online is itself a bit tricky job.

Therefore we have selected and reviewed 10 most popular fly lines available online. Furthermore, we have also discussed some critical factors you should look for when buying them online.

But before getting into details if you want to go for THE BEST FLY LINES we have selected for you then here they are.

Our Pick For The Best Fly Line.





Gold Fly Line

  • Overall Length: 100ft.
  • Available Weights: WF5F
  • Color: Moss Head with Gold running line.

Our #1 Rated

5 out of 5

In The Fly Line Category


Weight Forward Floating Fly Line

  • Overall Length: 100ft.
  • Available Weights: WF3F – WF9F
  • Color: Spring Green

Our #2 Rated

5 out of 5

In The Fly Line Category


Clearwater WF Fly Line

  • Overall Length: 90ft.
  • Available Weights: WF5F
  • Color: Bright Green

Our #3 Rated

4.9 out of 5

In The Fly Line Category


Exergy Fly Fishing Line

  • Overall Length: 100ft.
  • Available Weights: WF2F – WF10F
  • Color: EverGreen, Aqua, Salmon, Sky, Yellow

Our #4 Rated

4.8 out of 5

In The Fly Line Category


Sword Fly Fishing Line

  • Overall Length: 100ft.
  • Available Weights: WF3F – WF8F
  • Color: Fluorescent Yellow, Fruit Green, Moss Green, Orange, Sky Blue

Our #5 Rated

4.7 out of 5

In The Fly Line Category


Avid Fly Line with Welded Loop

  • Overall Length: 100ft.
  • Available Weights: WF3F, WF5F, WF8F
  • Color: Gold/Moss, Ivory/Chartreuse

Our #6 Rated

4.6 out of 5

In The Fly Line Category


Fly Fishing Line Floating Weight

  • Overall Length: 90ft.
  • Available Weights: WF4WT, WF6F
  • Color: Orange.

Our #7 Rated

4.5 out of 5

In The Fly Line Category


Weight Forward Floating Fly Fishing Line

  • Overall Length: 100ft.
  • Available Weights: WF3F – WF8F
  • Color: Gold, Ivory, Moss Green, Olive, Orange, Sky Blue, Teal Blue

Our #8 Rated

4.4 out of 5

In The Fly Line Category


Weight Forward Fly Fishing

  • Overall Length: 100ft.
  • Available Weights: WF3F – WF8F
  • Color: Sky Blue, Salmon, Fluorescent Yellow, Moss Green

Our #9 Rated

4.2 out of 5

In The Fly Line Category


Weight Forward Floating Fly Line

  • Overall Length: 100ft.
  • Available Weights: WF4F – WF8F
  • Color: Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow

Our #10 Rated

4.2 out of 5

In The Fly Line Category

Important Features To Consider When Buying Fly Lines.

i, Floating – Sinking – Combo

The myriad of choices in selecting a fly line begins in selecting whether or not it’s a line that floats, it`s a line that sinks, or it`s a combination of the two, where a portion of the line floats and a part of it sinks.

ii, Taper DT vs WF

Next, you want to consider is the taper. You have two good choices out there.

  1. The double taper 
  2. The weight forward.

With a double tapered fly line, you have certain advantages. If you need to make a delicate presentation of the fly, the double tapered line is an excellent choice for doing that. The double taper is an excellent choice when you need to perform a roll cast. Roll cast enables you to keep the line mostly in front of you and get the fly out there in front, without ever having to take the line behind you.

If you need to cast for distance, it’s the weight forward line that’s going to do the job easier than a double taper. If you need to cast in the wind, the design of a weight forward taper better enables you with an excellent cast to pierce the wind.

Thirdly with the weight forward taper, if you’re going to cast large air resistant flies (bass bug, oversized dry fly), the weight forward taper is better designed so that when you make the cast, the momentum of the cast carries through the entirety of the line and leader all the way to the fly.

iii, Matching Rod

You need to match the line to the rod. On the line box is a line of code, letters, and numbers. The first two letters refer to the taper of the line. Most often you`re going to see 'DR' for double taper or 'WF' for a weight forward.

Secondly, we have a number and that number is the line weight. That’s what you’re going to match to the rod that you cast on.

The third little bit of code or spec on the line box you whether or not that is a floating line indicated by an 'F', a sinking fly line indicated by 'S' or a combination which will go as 'F/S'.

Best Fly Lines Available On Amazon.

1. Rio Gold Fly Line.

This is one of the best multipurpose lines there is one the market. This model has been designed with a long head and mid-length front taper. Perfect when you’re out scouting for freshwater trout. ​

Has a moderate taper that covers a lot of different fishing applications, rod actions and casting abilities. If you’re looking for a stable line with incredible loop stability at a distance, this is the right product to consider.

Best Features:

1, High Visibility.

The line is glow in the dark which means that you will be able to see it during low vision or night time. This fly line is for anglers who want that thrill of high-viz line excitement.

2, Weight.

It has a slightly lighter feel than some other liners. Thus, you can track the progress of the cast rather than feeling the cast load deep in the rod. Therefore, it improves your performance.


  • It allows a rod to load at a close range.
  • It holds well in windy conditions.
  • Glows in the dark.


  • Backing is not included.


The reason why we recommend this product is because it’s an all-around line and you can use it for more than one species of fish. Regardless, if you hook it to medium-fast to fast action rods.

In addition to this, the way the head is designed, it allows you to load the rod quickly for short casts. As well as, its long belly ensures the cast can carry a large amount of line in the air. Lastly, it floats well and it shoots great. Therefore, we rate this model a 5 out of 5.

2. SF Weight Forward Fly Line.

If you’re a beginner or someone who is looking to improve their fly fishing outfit, this is one of the models that you should consider. The reason for this is because it has a revolutionary design.

The first 30 ft of the line is heavier since it has a tapered front end. The rest of the line is thinner which will allow a proper casting.

Therefore, it will help with long casts and better precision in windy weather conditions. You will be pleased to know that you can use it during low visions environments.

Best Features:

1, Two-weight.

The cover formulations makes a consistent, precise and accurate cast under any conditions. Therefore, you don’t have to work with two different lines at the same time.

2, All Seasoned.

You can use this line in fresh and salt water. As well as, it can be warm or cold. Thus, if you’re a versatile fly fisherman, you should consider this model as you can take it wherever you go.


  • Designed with welded loops on both ends.
  • It floats rather than sink.
  • Easy to untangle.


  • Some say it spools incorrectly.


The reason why we recommend  this fly reel is because of its design which is preferred by beginners. If you’re one of these people, it means that you will have a successful fly fishing trip as its design is made to provide you with this.

It will allow you to cast properly and have full control of the situation regardless of the weather conditions. In addition to this, many people find the welded loops on both ends very practical. Hence, this is another product that we rate 5 out of 5.

3. Orvis Clearwater WF Fly Line.

If you’re looking for a line that will offer little to no friction, this is the product that you should consider. This line has been built with integrated slickness which is a patent that will visibly reduce friction.

In addition to this, this is also a model that has been designed with a half-size heavy top in order to provide you with better rod control. Additionally, the welded loop means that you will find it easy to attach the leader for better turnover. Thus, this item is suitable for all of those that are serious about fly fishing.

Best Features:

1, Slick.

By using this fly line, you will be able to cast far away with little effort. This line floats which means that you will find it easy to cast. As well as, you will have full control over the line and the rod.

2, Welded Loop.

The sleek and durable welded loop will make leader attachment quick and easy while holding up to repeated and constant uses. Therefore, it ensures a better turnover than most models that are currently on the market.


  • Braided multi-filament core.
  • Suitable for different weather conditions.
  • Suitable for beginners.


  • Only suitable for clear water.


In conclusion, this is a model we recommend for those that want an excellent line for a fair amount of money. If you’re after a model that is easy to cast and it offers little friction, this is a suitable model for you. In addition to this, you should consider it if you want a model that will last for many years.

If you’re a beginner, we also recommend it for you too because everything will be reasonably easy to do by having this line. However, since it’s only suitable for one type of water, it’s limiting. Therefore, we rate this model a 4.9 out of 5.

4. KastKing Exergy Fly Fishing Line.

Its unique belly design fly line has been created with a short front taper and long-running line. This means that it ensures a high-performance cast. The easy line turnover means that you will have a successful fishing trip regardless of the weather conditions.

The braided, memory-free core has a silky-smooth finish which improves casting performance. The line floats high in the water for better control. By purchasing this model, you will be offered with long, effortless casts.

Best Features:

1, Double Micro Loops.

The double welded micro loops on both the front and back of the line will make attacking backing and leaders quick and easy for beginners. Due to the small diameter, connections slide easily through the guides.

2, Laser Print.

You will be pleased to know that it’s laser printed on the tip end of the line with its weight, so you never have to second-guess whether you are using the right line. A very useful feature for beginners.


  • Available in five different colors.
  • Suitable to use nail knot connections.
  • It decomposes naturally over time.


  • The backing line is not pre-spooled.


Overall, this model is suitable for floating exceptionally high in the water making for easy line control when mending or roll casting. This line is spooled with award-winning, biodegradable Bio-spool, which is made from wheat straw. Unlike other models are made from plastic which is extremely bad for our environment.

By purchasing this fabulous fly line, you will be able to take care of our environment and your fly fishing outfit will be properly completed. Nonetheless, the backing line is not pre-spooled thus it makes it difficult to be handled by beginners. Therefore, we rate this model 4.8 out of 5.

5. Piscifun Sword.

Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, this versatile fly line is for all-around trout fishing. This fly line has been designed with a longer head and a big diameter which makes it suitable for a proper cast.

In addition to this, the core is braided which makes it have a lower memory for any weather conditions. In addition to this, you will enjoy the fact that its integrated slickness additive is integrated throughout the PVC to provide lubrication for maximum distance. As well as, the smooth welded loop makes leader attachment quick and easy.

Best Features:

1, Versatile.

This line has been designed for all-around trout fishing. By purchasing this model, you will put the odds in your favor. You can use this in different weather conditions and low vision environments.

2, Weight-forward Taper.

The innovative weight-forward taper combined with slightly larger line diameters produce a line that is ideal at close to medium range. However, it can still cover convenient large distance.


  • PVC coating.
  • Degradable and environmentally friendly.
  • It floats.


  • The tips may sink.
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Customer service could be better.


The reason why we recommend this fly line is because it has been designed with your needs in mind. The braided core makes it suitable to be used in different conditions and environments.

If you’re looking for a model that offers high performance and durability, you should consider this model. You will thoroughly enjoy the fact that it’s versatile which means that you can use it with confidence on trout. 

However, if somehow you will face a problem with it, the customer service isn’t outstanding. Therefore, we rate this model a 4.7 out of 5.

6. MaxMatch Avid Fly Line.

If you’re looking for a line that delivers accuracy, this is the line that you should consider. The exclusive high-tech coating will make the floating dependable and durable. The two-tone colors will allow you to locate it in low vision environments quickly. It will also help you with casting.

Furthermore, as this is a high-quality product, the smart weight-forward taper will make it ideal for usage at close to medium range. As well as, at a relatively large distance. This model will allow you to improve your performance

Best Features:

1, Braided Core.

This smart feature adds to the weight, so you have full control of it in any weather conditions. Additionally, it has a lower memory which will help for better casting. 

2, Floats.

While there have been reports of other models sinking, you never have to worry about this problem with this item. It will stay above the water for as long as you expect it to.


  • Suitable for casting at a distance.
  • Two-tone colors.
  • Braided core.


  • Difficult to find the right sized line.
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Difficult to untangle it.


This popular fly line sells so well because it offers accuracy and you can rely on it to function as it should. It has a braided core which means that you can use it even when it’s very windy.

In addition to this, you can also use it in different waters, regardless if it’s clear or salt water. Even though it comes at a lower price than many models in the same niche, it can still deliver just as good as them. 

Nonetheless, you do have to take into consideration that the sizing is off. Some people have encountered problems to load the road with the size ordered. Therefore, we give this model a 4.6 out of 5.

7. Anglatech Fly Fishing Line.

This Fly line will offer superior performance for any fisherman. Regardless if you are a professional or a beginner. Its front weighted taper design allows for longer casting. You will be able to have exceptional control and precise presentation.

In addition to this, you will be pleased to know that this model has been recently upgraded and they’ve added pre-welded loops for easier leader connections. Thus, you will be able to save time. If you’re someone who is on the go and wants to get started fishing as soon as they arrive, this is the right model for you.

Best Features:

1, Nylon Core.

The core will allow for low line memory coiling. This means that you will be able to have fast strike detection. This means that you will be able to retract it from the water fast without any hesitations.

2, Versatile.

This line will hold up with any fish that you are dealing with. With the help of this line, you will be able to catch bass and trout. The durability and quality of it are exceptional.


  • It casts smoothly.
  • Easy to spool for beginners.
  • The tip doesn’t sink and the line floats.


  • The spool splits in half and twists slightly.
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Only for freshwater.


This Fly Line is another high-quality product as it allows you to cast precisely and accurately. The fact that it has been recently upgraded, it means that it has been made to meet your specific needs with modern technology. This is why it has a nylon core.

If you’re looking for a model that will provide fast and easy leader connections, this is the model that you should consider.

However, if you’re a beginner, you have to remember that you must twist lock it into place. If you don’t do it, the spool splits in half and the line will fall. As well as, it’s only suitable for freshwater. Hence, we rate this model a 4.5 out of 5.

8. Goture Floating Fly Line.

If you’re a beginner who is looking for an exceptional weight forward taper fly line, that you can cast at a long range and easy control, you should thoroughly consider this model. Since this is a floating line, you will be able to track the line on the surface of the water with ease. Mainly because it has been designed with bright colors.

Therefore, if you’re in an environment with low vision, that won’t be a problem. The reason why we recommend it for a beginner is that it’s easy to correct the cast misplay. Thus, you will not have any excuses not to cast appropriately.

Best Features:

1, Welded Loops.

The high-quality welded loops will make swapping out leaders a lot easier. You will be able to connect the backing line or leaders much more efficient and easier. Especially because the tips are designed as a ring at both ends.

2, Line Length.

This is undoubtedly the correct length as you will need the backing line to extend your line length. This will ensure that you have the best possible fly fishing experience.


  • Core is Dacron braided.
  • Low memory.
  • The coating has a PVC finish.


  • It can’t handle large and big fish.
  • Exclamation Triangle
    It doesn’t have a slight stiffness.


The reason why we recommend this fly line is because it’s very easy to handle for beginners. The friction is very low which means that you can launch it at a high distance. You don’t have to worry about the environment where you are using it because the coating can cope with harsh weather conditions, as well as the heat. The best thing about this line is that you can choose different colors and different sizes that will fit your specific needs. 

However, you have to remember that even though it’s versatile, it can’t handle large fish. Thus, we don’t recommend it for trout fishing. Therefore, we rate this model a 4.4 out of 5.

9. Croch Fly Fishing Line.

If you’re a fisherman that is serious about fishing and likes to go after the big win, you should know that this line is your helping hand. This weight forward line is created to cover all trout fishing. You will be able to cast at a large distance with much better precision as you will have full control.

Since fishes like trouts require the line to have proper stiffness, this model will offer you exactly that. The low stretch braided multi filament core provides superior strength, elasticity, and stiffness. They all work in balance to meet your needs.

Best Features:

1, Low Friction.

The surface of the material will ensure low friction. This means that you can launch it at a further distance with ease. As well as, you can rely on it that it will not damage under high pressure.

2, Braided Core.

This line is made from Dacron material which means that it will last for many years. Its exceptionally low stretch and high strength will resist under harsh weather conditions.


  • One year warranty.
  • Designed with a unique additive for better stiffness.
  • No coil or memory issues reported.


  • Not suitable for use in extreme heat.
  • Exclamation Triangle
    You have to clean the line after you use it in saltwater.


In comparison with the other models, you can see that this fly line is made to last. In case you do face any issues with it, you can rely on the 1-Year warranty that comes with.

The greatest thing about this model is the fact that elasticity and stiffness work in balance together so that you will have a successful fishing trip. You will notice that your performance will become better. 

Nonetheless, it does require a lot of maintenance and up-keeping. After each use, you have to clean it, but you cannot use washing up liquid as it changes the surface tension. Thus, we rate this model a 4.4 out of 5.

10. Sougayilang Fly Line.

If you’re a professional or you’ve gone past the stage of a beginner, you should know that this is another fly line that is suitable for you.

This versatile line for all-around trout fishing. If you’re interested at using the fly line at a large distance, you should consider this line as it offers accuracy and reliance at any range. 

Furthermore, you will also enjoy the recently upgraded coating which makes the floating dependable. Its bright colors are visible in any environments.

Best Features:

1, Weight-forward Taper.

Due to its unique design, you will be able to use it at any distance. It’s ideal for usage at close to medium range, as well as high distances.

2, Bright Colors.

As it has been designed to meet your standards, you will be able to see the fluorescent and bright colors from a distance. Therefore, you will have full control of it.


  • Smooth casting.
  • Suitable for surface fly fishing.
  • Easy distance control.


  • It’s prone to getting tangled.
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Not suitable for harsh weather conditions.


The reason why this is one of the best on the market is the fact that it has a unique design which ensures superior casting distance control.

In addition to this, you can use it for different fish and waters. Furthermore, the neat connections ensure a smooth joint, for a smooth casting.

Nonetheless, you do have to bear in mind that it’s prone to get tangled and you cannot use it in harsh weather conditions. Thus, we rate this model a 4.2 out of 5.

Final Verdict.

For this article picking the best out of best was a really tough task.
and for a lot of valid reason.

  • A, Most of them fall in almost very similar price range.
  • B, choosing a line is very much dependent on your personal style and preferences.
  • C, for every line there is a learning curve, and you need to spend some time with than figuring out what you personally like or dislike about that particular line.

But since our main target audience is the people who are just starting fly fishing or probably buying their first line.

So we shortlisted the which are most user-friendly  for a beginner in terms of setup and control over basic casting techniques.

P.S: if you want to more about the basic casting techniques do check out ultimate fly fishing guide for beginners.

Best Value For The Buck

This is super slick sweet casting line. You will be able to cast way far with little effort.

Its smooth/ friction less design, welded loops and higher visibility make it quite easy for a beginner to get maximum control.

Best All Rounder.

If you want a durable all weather / all terrain line then Piscifun most be your first choice.

A bit bit cheaper then other recognized bard brad but most of the users claim that it cast even better than them.

Best For The Business

If you are looking for a perfect casting experience then this it.

A bit pricey, but worth every penny of it. Floats well, shoots great.  

Great choice when carrying one rod and the situation calls for a little bit of everything from nymphing, dries, to streamers. Other lines are better at specific tasks but this line multitasks like no other.

Thanks for staying till here, for further reviews and any questions regarding fishing gear please comment below,

Last but not the least we have reviewed and curated a through buying guides for the gears required for a successful fishing trip.

such as:


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