Outdoor Guides

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Outdoor guides are all about empowering each one of you to take on the outdoor adventure and experience what it feels like to connect with nature. For we believe that each one of you can be an ambassador of nature.

Outdoor guides are meant to encourage and push you to experience the best that nature has to offer. Whether you are a camping crazy or a fly fishing fanatic, you’ll find plenty of practically written material and guides to help you through each step of adventure; from preparation to successful execution.

To put it simple, take outdoor guides as your gateway to the Mother Nature.

Fishing Guides

Out of the many outdoor adventures and sports, fishing is one sport that gives you the best of all the worlds. Whether you love to relax in the calmness of nature or wants to have some fun at some thrilling sports, fishing in the wild gives you a lot to cherish.

And to help ignite the passion in you, we have come up with some of the most detailed practical fishing guides that will help you prepare for your first fishing adventure and maximize your experience out in the water. Check out some of the most amazing waterways found across the world and learn the tips and tricks from the masters of the game

So, let’s just explore the amazing water world together, shedding the boring life normalcy and getting lost in nature.

Camping Guides

Camping guides are all about the wild, open campgrounds that give you access to some mesmerizing and unique locations (already fancying a tipi sleep?) well…

Camping (the way I love) is all about freeing your soul from worldly tractions and responsibilities and trading it with the calmness and tranquility. These camping guides are built upon over a large period of time, each one, carefully done to include all that I have experienced at great wildernesses and ticks I have learned the hard way.

What’s unique about these guides is that they are made to be practical and hence you won’t find any crazy heroic stuff in them, rather all rational everyday tips and tricks meant to help you get along the first camping trip.

I have tried to include all the relevant information that I gathered over the years and tips that have helped me survive and thrive across different environments. Coupled this with a dose of inspiration and I am sure you’ll be able to squeeze the best info out of these guides.

So, come along and join me on to a wonderful world that we have lost somewhere in the midst of hectic work routines and lively responsibilities. Come along and explore what it’s like to connect with nature and let your soul fly to the high mountains and breezy beaches.

Hunting Guides

What make our hunting guides unique to tons of other resources available over internet? This was the first question that hit my mind back when I started hunting guides section. Today, what really differentiate hunting guides at passionateoutdoor.com over other guides is the practicality and viability of these guides.

Now, I know there are people who think hunting a gross activity, but let me put the facts straight. If for anything, Hunters have played a significant role in wildlife conservation on this planet. Let me give you an example, on the turn of the century, there were around 40,000 elk and some 500k deers left on this planet, mainly  due to lack of mega farms and wild-hunting practices. Today, with high funding from hunters, there are nearly a million elk and over 30 million deer.

So, as a hunter, I feel proud to contribute my bit towards wild life conservation and sine there are few hunters today than a decade ago, I would like to encourage people to take-on this ancient human sports and feel the thrill and adrenaline rush pumping in veins.

Travelling and outdoor adventure are contagious, once you feel the exoticness of raw nature, there is no escaping from it. I am a travel junkie and there are thousands of other outdoor travel fanatics who are exploring the unexplored frontiers of the world and are calling to all humans across the globe to start connecting with nature and explore what you have missed so far.

So, let’s just expand your comfort boundaries and start exploring what lies across the unchartered horizons.


Ned Taylor.